The Agent Online Overhaul™



Who is this class for?

This course is designed for individual agents and team leaders...

…looking to build their very own marketing department.

…who want guidance on spending their marketing dollars wisely.

…looking for a literal checklist of everything that needs to be accomplished for successful real estate marketing.

…ready to build a real estate brand, website, and online presence, but doesn’t know where to start. 

…who feels overwhelmed by all the options and tools available, and just wants a simplified kit with tools that work. 

…looking to use social media to market your business.

…are ready to get to work on building your real estate marketing department. 


I've Cracked The Code

After 10 years in the real estate marketing industry, helping countless realtors build their personal brands, I have created the perfect formula for agent marketing. You can stop doing research, stop signing up for tools you won’t use, and stop spending thousands of dollars on creating websites that won’t serve you. Whether you are a new agent, or a team leader, I have created a simple course to help build your very own real estate marketing department. 


The Agent Online Overhaul™

I’ll lead you through a brand new marketing toolbox and strategy - and if you perform some basic principles consistently, the clients will come. You can stop spending thousands of dollars on coaching programs and just create some simple tools you will use over and over again. 


Module 1: 

Your New Marketing Toolkit

I will introduce your brand-new marketing toolkit. These are the only tools you will ever need, and they are actually effective. In this module, you will receive a clear understanding of the free tools & resources that are available to you for streamlining your marketing.

Module 2: 

Invest in Creative People

In this module, I will explain the importance of creating content that is long-lasting and purposeful. Also, I will dive into the value of investing in creative people. They are the absolute best. You will also walk away from this module with a checklist of the type of content you need to create and why!

Module 3: 

Your Brand Flavor

Let’s build a brand that is truly authentic to you and establishing your brand is easier than you might think. We will discuss how to communicate your mission, vision, and values through core components and build a powerful brand that will help increase sales.

Module 4: 

Buyer & Seller Guides That Work For You

Together we will create buyer & seller guides that are effective for establishing your authority, building connections, saving time, and converting leads. Who wouldn’t want that?

Module 5: 

Keep Your Agent Website Simple & Sweet

Ohhhh, the dreaded agent website. I will explain the artform of a perfect agent website, that is simple, sweet, and easy to find on Google. You don’t need IDX or any complex integrations. All you need is our friend, Google.

Module 6: 

Rock Your Marketing Accessories

I love calling them accessories. It sounds so fancy – and well, they are. In this module, I will introduce marketing tools like Typeform, LinkTree, Zapier, and more. These mini-marketing tools have big power.

Module 7: 

Social Media Does Not Sell Real Estate

In my professional opinion, social media sells the agent and supports their ability to build meaningful connections. In fact, its sole purpose is to allow agents to demonstrate authority and to connect with communities in their area. Now the big question: How do real estate agents sell themselves and generate leads?

Module 8: 

Be The Smartest Person In The Chat Room

The most effect way to thrive in the social media universe is to provide value. Be educational. Share your secrets. When you do that, you are building genuine connections. In this module, I will educate YOU on how to educate your audience.

Module 9: 

Optimize Your Google Business Page

I highly suggest that everyone in the real estate industry must establish visibility on Google. The best way to get started is with your Google Business Profile. It’s a powerful listing that is a dynamic snapshot of your business and enables potential clients to quickly find, learn about, and engage with you… and it’s all completely free.

Module 10: 

Inbox Friendly Marketing

Newsletter Marketing is the most DIRECT form of marketing, but sometimes can be the most annoying. In this module, I will discuss ways to keep your email marketing a pleasant surprise everytime you hit someone’s inbox. 

The Most Powerful Takeaway is the Task List!

In the very first module, you will download and install your master Asana Checklist, where I have documented every single task you will need to accomplish in order to get your marketing up & running. This allows you to sit back & learn...your note-taking is covered.


Takeaway 1:  

Full Marketing Asana Checklist To Complete Your Very Own Marketing Department

Takeaway 2:  

Complete Tech List To Record Your Very Own Video Content

Takeaway 3:

Realtor-Focused CANVA Templates

Takeaway 4:  

Buyer & Seller Guide Templates To Get You Started For Your Own Touch

Takeaway 5:  

Resource List of Website Templates, Platforms, Designs

Takeaway 6:  

Cheatsheet To Set Up Open House Automation

Takeaway 7:  

10 Educational Video Topics To Share With Your Network

Takeaway 8:  


30-Day Strategy via Google Sheets

Module 9:

Google Business Page Checklist

Takeaway 10:

Realtor-Focused Subject Line Idea Sheet




In 2021, this exact same marketing strategy brought the Fitzpatrick Team from $63 million to $93 million in sales - that was 171 transactions, in just one year! The team continues to grow, not only in volume, but in team members as well. Our marketing is our biggest recruiting tool. 

Early in my career, I was charging thousands of dollars in consultation fees…and as much as I want to keep doing that, I have started a family, and that requires so much of my time. Shout out, to all the working moms. That’s when the light bulb went off, and this course was created for one purpose, and that was to share my real estate marketing strategies in a streamlined, effective way that will help you generate better leads in a very competitive real estate market – all while making more time for my family. There are strategies in my course that will allow you to do that too. Put in the work, create more time for things you love.




“Marial Maher did a fantastic job helping my real estate team redesign and rebrand our entire web-based and social media offerings. From redesigning our primary website, to building two all new selling and buying websites, she took creative control and delivered a stunning array of products and materials for us to use in our business and that have already helped us thrive.”

 - Dane Rickard

"Marial is a very hard worker and is driven with everything she does. She puts in 110%. Her creativity and eye is unmatched. I highly recommend hiring Marial for any of her many talents and skills.”

- Laurel Polselli

Creative, thoughtful, authentic, and intentional… just a few of the words that come to mind when working with Marial. Her attention to detail and eye for design is unmatched. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for marketing services!”

 - Georgia Barrett